Waikari and Greta Valley children Year 6 - 8 spent 3 days on a challenging survivor camp.

Survivor Camp 2018

Published on Friday, 9 March 2018, 2:51 p.m. Print Article

The Year 6-8 children from Waikari and Greta Valley schools enjoyed a survivor camp that presented plenty of challenges and loads of fun. 
Mrs Loe challenged the children with physical and cryptic challenges. 
The children began the three days two nights adventure by building bivvies to sleep in. Although rained out on the second night at least one brave group of boys dug in and slept the two nights in their bivvy. 
The children preplanned their menus and equipment lists, taking charge of their own cooking leaving the adults to survive on their own. A fantastic camp with the children working well together and gaining lifelong skills. 
The camp was also an activity towards the William Pike Challenge Award.