Waikari School Years 5-8 join other schools in song, at the Christchurch Schools' Music Festival

Christchurch Schools' Music Festival

Published on Wednesday, 20 November 2019, 10:38 a.m. Print Article

Last Wednesday night, most of the Kea class took part in the celebration for the 80th year of the festival and the return to the Town Hall.

 After months of practise at school and two practices in Christchurch we all took our places above the orchestra in the beautiful Christchurch Town Hall. The combined mass choir  from numerous primary schools around Canterbury sung a variety of songs celebrating the past ,  and also a call to our young people to ‘not sit in silence ‘ nor ‘live in fear’ and to have a strong voice for the future of our planet.

 The orchestra was made up of primary school musicians and the skill and precision of those young people was phenomenal. There was a variety of instruments from; a harp, oboes, piccolos to a wide range of percussion instruments in which we  had a birds eye view to watch—spectacular!

 It was an amazing evening with the mass choir, the special choirs and the orchestras who all performed and played beautifully and professionally.

 A big thank you to Noortje Bruins for her dedication and commitment in teaching the students the numerous songs. Some were challenging but with direction and practise the students managed to master them all. Noortje wanted our students to experience the joy of singing in a mass choir and to perform before a huge audience in our beautiful Town Hall—so thank you again.