The 12 students from Waikari, Waipara, Greta Valley and Hanmer Schools contemplate how to cross the swamp with three planks at Leadership Camp 2020.

Leadership Camp 2020

Published on Thursday, 19 March 2020, 11:35 a.m. Print Article

This week two of our students Jamie and Finn attended the leadership camp held at Windy Point near the Boyle River. The activities were run by the Boyle River Outdoor Education centre with Aimee as our instructor. 
Activities included team building, leadership, two wire, tramping, rock climbing, abseiling, and many other challenging activities. 
There were 12 students altogether from Waikari, Greta valley, Waipara and Hanmer Springs. 
A great time was had by all and definitely some leadership growth. We look forward to getting back together later in the year to show how we have used our new found knowledge. 

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