The children getting ready for the matinee performance attended by Greta School, Omihi, Sunflowers preschool and community members. Keygan can't wait to get started.
Published on Thursday, 28 September 2017, 11:02 a.m. Print Article

Waikari School students celebrated their learning of other cultures in their Cultural Festival last night.
The children entertained the audience firstly with a dramatisation of the myth "Rata and The Totara Tree" followed by a Kapa Haka section including long and short poi, Taiaha, Te Rakau, and action songs. 
This was followed by three choir songs and then a variety of dances from around the world. Mrs Lydon kept the audience entertained with a world quiz to allow for costume changes. 
We are extremely proud of each and everyone of our children who worked so hard learning