Welcome To 2018

Published on Friday, 2 February 2018, 9:59 a.m. Print Article

Wow what a start to the year. We made TV One news!! For those that did not catch it, it was an article on the heat we have been experiencing and had some good shots of our children enjoying swimming lessons in the pool to keep cool. 
This year we start off with two weeks of swimming lessons x2 per day. Miss Jevins and myself are both swimsafe trained and swimmers ourselves so are taking the lessons with Mrs Lydon working in class with the other children.
The theme for the year is Innovation and Enterprise which is based around the Technology curriculum. We will be looking at the past moving through to technological inquiries by the children and then to designing and creating items to be sold at a market. 
Alongside this  we will be looking at environmental technology systems. 
We are very excited to be organising joint camps in Term One with Greta valley School. This year we will have a Year 4/5 camp at the Cracroft Guiding centre in Cashmere and the Year 6/7/8 will be heading Medbury way for a challenge camp. The camps are from March 5th to March 7th.
We are thrilled that our Year 7 and 8 children will be participating in the William Pike Challenge. This involves at least 5 challenge activities, passion projects and 20 hours of community service. You can google William Pike to learn more about this. 
We have a lot of new entrants due to start this year and the 4 year old progamme is a new innitiative to help with the transition to school. Miss jevins will also be going out to visit the preschools. 
The teachers are looking forward to another action packed year with your children.