Waikari School provides education for 38 students from Year 0-Year 8 (February 2015). We currently receive an allocation of 2.54FTTE’s (full time teacher equivalents) from the Ministry of Education.  Waikari School operates 2 classrooms: Weka (Year 0-3) & Kea (Year 4-8). The size of our school roll has continued to grow during the last 3 years as Waikari School continues to become the school of choice for primary aged children within the local Waikari area. Our class sizes are comparatively small when compared to those within inner city schools. Waikari School is very well resourced with over a dozen laptops and P.C’s available for our student’s.
At Waikari School, we are very well resourced and invite experts across the curricula to come and work with our students. We are a part of a learning cluster of schools that include: Omihi, Greta Valley and Broomfield Schools. Our Year 7 & 8 student’s attend manual training at Hurunui College during the year. 

Values are deeply held beliefs detailing what our Waikari School community consider to be most important for our learners to enable them to succeed in both their local and global environments. The following values are encouraged, modelled and reflected upon in everyday school life at Waikari School. 

P R I D E:   (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Difference & Enterprise)
Waikari School encourages community support and involvement through regular school and community newsletters, informing everybody about up-coming events and meetings.

At Waikari School, the Board of Trustees help to determine the direction of the school and work towards implementing a safe, caring and challenging environment for young people through strong governance.

Children have been taught at Waikari School since 1882. In 2015 and beyond, we will continue to provide high-interest learning opportunities with a focus on individual needs using up-to-date pedagogy and learning tools. Waikari School students develop both the life skills and knowledge necessary to successfully participate and succeed in our rapidly changing world. Waikari School is where children develop: Confidence, Curiosity & Respect!

Yvonne Blair