Cups and Trophies 2022

Mainpower Citizen – Keygan PhilpLeadership Certificates – Harry Glasson, Dimi Sheild,Keygan Philp, DavidCholmondeleyYear 8 Leavers – Harry Glasson, Dimi Sheild, Keygan Philp, David Cholmondeley,Tanner Barton, Alex Abbott, Jack PhilpValues: Weka – Zara KinchKea – Peppa Carruthers● Most Improved 0 – 3 VJ Ipolita● Most improved 4 – 6 Miles Abbott● Most improved 7 – 8 […]

Nano Science Girl

Today Waikari School visited Omihi to see a Nano Girl Science performance. She lit her hand on fire (Do not try this at home!!) blew smoke bubbles , made a stick go through a balloon and other fun science activities.  We really enjoyed it.