The children began the project at the beginning of this year 2016. They researched some of our local history as well as the various birds fish and animals that live or have lived in our area. The Kea children visited and sketched the Maori rock drawings.
Our amazing artist Shelley France is leading the project. She is teaching the children the skills required to sketch draw and paint to create a mural of this size that will tell the story of our local area. It is hoped that the mural will allow visitors to our town to gain a wealth of knowledge of our past and present.
The mural will wrap around the old dental building. The roadside will depict the history and the driveway side will depict the present. It is envisaged that each Waikari School student will contribute to the mural.
In Term One each of the children made a clay fish. In Term Three painting began on the background and cut outs of the history panels. Shelley has been here for three weeks and it is looking amazing. I can’t wait to see what happens when Shelley returns in Term 4.